How to Survive Today

"How To Survive Today" is a collection of poems, prompts, and affirmations for those of us still finding our way. The book is currently available for pre-order and will be released on November 26, 2019. This is Tonya Ingram's third book of poetry. 

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Readers who pre-order "How To Survive Today" will receive the following incentives:

  • digital download for your phone and computer desktop background

  • a digital copy of a special print from "How To Survive Today" 

  • one entry to receive a custom poem and video message from Tonya 

  • EXCLUSIVE: readers who pre-order the book from Tonya's online store will also receive an affirmation card from Tonya AND a 10% discount code to use on a future purchase from Tonya's store (new products coming soon)

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Advance praise for How To Survive Today

“'How to Survive Today' is a brilliant collection of poems. Tonya takes us on an intricate journey of heartbreak, healing and everything in between. This book eloquently captures the emotional gymnastics that it takes to reclaim our own joy. 'How to Survive Today' shows us that people who are still healing can also be healers. This book is a guide to rediscovering our own happiness." - Rudy Francisco, award-winning poet and author of "Helium"

"With nothing but a poem, she wakes me up to the gift of being alive. Of being present to the moment. The beautifully, painfully, awkward joy of being human. Her words sing louder than guitars, drums, and turntables. I’m honored to call her a friend." - Jon Foreman, Switchfoot

"'How To Survive Today' is a mirror of reflection for those with heart as well as a glorious invitation to really SEE oneself. Tonya, as always, offers herself through her words as a teacher, friend, muse, and magician. By the time you're done with this collection of her work you will have that feeling you get right after time spent bathing in the sun: seen, soft and a little bit stronger." - Rachel Cargle, public academic, writer, and lecturer 

"Tonya has created an ode to each and every reader. Reading 'How To Survive Today' feels like a balm, a hug from someone you trust, a reminder of how to love yourself that isn't fleeting—it sits with you and makes your heart its home." - Sammy Nickalls, #TalkingAboutIt founder